Get New Business by Using Advertising to Turn Your Niche Community into Customers


Small business owners are leveraging Reddit to turn niche communities into customer bases.

Businesses can begin marketing on Reddit by starting or participating in conversations, engaging with niche “subreddits,” sharing their stories on Ask Me Anything, or running ads. The site says that businesses can tap into its network of 57 million daily active users to drive brand awareness, traffic, conversions, and app downloads.

Experts recommend that small businesses first target niche groups to find prospective customers who are already seeking advice and reviews related to your business. Secondly, businesses can create their own communities to provide news, updates, and interesting ideas related to their industry. 

When it comes to content creation, storytelling goes a long way on Reddit. Content should sound less like marketing and be more authentic, humorous, and representative of your brand’s personality.

Businesses can also use Reddit to identify new trends—what is their target audience talking about and looking for online? Blog posts and social media content can be crafted based on real questions your customers are posting. 

Lastly, even businesses with small marketing budgets can take advantage of Reddit. The minimum cost to advertise on Reddit is $5 a day.

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