What Happens to Your Roof When You Put Off Replacing It


The typical house roof can last twenty years or longer if it is made of quality materials and installed by trained experts. Some have remained in good condition for twenty-five years or beyond. But it is not a good idea to avoid replacing your roof once it sustains serious damage or begins to show signs of wear and tear. Here is what can happen if your roof suffers from neglect.

The Damage Could Worsen

Left untreated, the damage to your roof is likely to get worse over time. Wind damage can loosen the shingles, gutters, or downspouts and enable them to collapse eventually. The chimney base might erode and begin to topple. Remaining shingles that have gaps around them could crumble or blow away. When a roof is weakened by age or a storm, it can deteriorate more quickly. A small leak might become a larger one. Containing and controlling the original damage becomes more challenging the longer it goes unaddressed.

Further Damage is Possible

A roof with missing, damaged shingles or any other type of problem caused by nature or time needs immediate attention. Failure to deal with the initial damage can make your roof more susceptible to the next high wind, heavy rain, or ice storm that hits your area. Getting a roof replacement when you become aware of the damage that has already occurred can protect your home against future damage to the exposed areas that may be vulnerable to weather events. Even if the current damage seems minimal, another round of bad weather could hit your home with even worse effects that could lead to interior home damage.

Wildlife May Move In

No matter how minor the roof problem might seem, local pests will take advantage of the situation to move in and make nests. A damaged shingle or roof flashing offers the perfect opening for rodents, birds, bats, insects, or squirrels to enter your home through the attic or directly into the walls or chimney. A mouse or rat can squeeze through very small openings and quickly multiply in your home. Plant seeds scattered by birds can sometimes take root in damaged gutters where debris has backed up. They then sprout to add more difficulties in cleaning and repairing the gutters.

Repair Costs May Increase

The cost of replacing your roof is not likely to go down over time. The price of labor and materials will rise. You may also have to wait for a contractor who is busy with other roofing jobs. Meanwhile, your roof may be further deteriorating.

Have your roof checked for damages, and consider having your roof replaced to avoid problems like these that can complicate the situation.

Lizzie Weakley is a freelance writer from Columbus, Ohio. In her free time, she enjoys the outdoors and walks in the park with her husky, Snowball.

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