The Profit Junkie Podcast – Jason Fladlien

Jake Randall

The Profit Junkie Podcast with Jake Randall – Episode 44 – Jason Fladlien

Are you looking to scale your business? You’re going to want to grab some notes before you start this week’s episode. 

Jake sat down with Jason Fladlien, co-founder & Chief Strategy Officer of Rapid Crush, Inc. 

Jason Fladlien is known as the $100 million dollar webinar man. His pitch webinars have set records in the information, coaching, affiliate, and software space. Not only do many claim him the best webinar presenter out there, he is also considered the best teacher of webinars. 

Jason enjoys his role as Chief Strategy Officer and co-founder of Rapid Crush, Inc., a company who has pioneered many different digital marketing methods that are considered standard today. 

Due to his unrelenting passion for achievement, Jason has risen to the top of several industries including selling physical products on Amazon, as well as digital products, software, and coaching. 

By having so much success in many different areas of business, Jason is often called in by 7, 8 and even 9-figure companies to help them with their marketing. 

This week, Jake and Jason sat down and discussed the ins and outs of digital marketing and webinars. Trust us, you don’t want to miss out on this one.

They covered the details you’ve been dying to know, including…

  • How webinars generate the largest amount of money in the shortest amount of time
  • Which percentage of the market your webinar should target
  • The changes in the webinar game the last five years
  • How to create specific outcomes to improve a webinar
  • Training in a way that transforms
  • The framework and formula for a successful webinar
  • Why you must communicate to the market to learn the market
  • And the dilemma in marketing everyone will have to choose at some point and how to handle it

Learn more about Jason Fladlien and Rapid Crush, Inc.:

Buy One to Many by Jason Fladlien:

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