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The Profit Junkie Podcast – Ep. 011 – Rachel Miller

Rachel Miller is a sought-after social media strategist. She has helped 38 people bring single posts from their business pages to more than 10,000,000 people each, without a massive ad budget. She helped businesses go from obscurity to household brands. Rachel began as a blogger before getting hooked on “collecting people” and building audiences. She has authored multiple books, spoken at numerous conferences and has assisted in crafting organic social strategies for Fortune 500 companies, TV shows, as well as stay-at-home parents working a side hustle and local brick and mortar shops. When she isn’t geeking out about Facebook and organic social strategies, she watches Harry Potter with her six kids.

Listen to this powerful The Profit Junkie Podcast episode with Rachel Miller about her app Post Deck that helps people curate and create the best social media audience for their brand.

Here are some of the beneficial topics covered on this week’s show:

  • Why it’s important to go your social media presence to help your brand.
  • Why it’s imperative to love and serve people in order to be able to sell to them.
  • How finding the right audience can be extremely helpful for your business.
  • How you need to have the right audience, the right message, and right content.
  • What “niche neighborhooding” is and how it can help you reach the best audience.

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