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Here is one of the most novel scams that I have seen in quite a while.

A delivery truck comes to your house with the name of the delivery service such as A. J. Delivery. (The name is on a sign that peels off).

The person rings your doorbell. In their hand is a bottle of champagne and chocolate and maybe even something else. You might say that you never ordered anything, but he says that this is the correct address and there is a card.

If you complain about the charge, he will tell you that it was paid by someone else. However, there is a $4.95 delivery charge. If you pull out a $5 bill, the person will say that they can’t take cash. They need a credit card. They write down the credit card number and the name. He or she doesn’t write down your pin in front of you. When the door closes, he write down the pin and the address.

He or she then creates a credit card with your name and card number and pin on it or simply uses the information gleaned to order items off of the web and may even sell your card information.

By the way, the champagne bottle is probably empty and so are the chocolates.

Be very wary of this new scam.


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