Cutting Dental Costs

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Here is a trick that I have used to lower dental costs. There are some costs that aren’t covered by dental insurance such as implants, which I needed. Even braces, if covered,only cover part of the costs. Thus, what did I do. I contacted a dental discount plan that included the oral surgeons and/or dentists. I cut my cost by 20%!
There are a number of dental discount plans available. You have the following: Dental ,which has 10 plans containing various providers and Ameriplan. They also offer discount for eye glasses and lenses.Thus, if you have some big dental procedure such as implants that aren’t covered by insurance, you should check out these plans. They are only about $100 a year for the family.

This certainly helped me even with my dental insurance since insurance didn’t cover denial implants. In the event that you don’t have dental insurance and insurance for eye glasses and contact lenses then these discount plans are a must. At least they will save you a lot of money

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