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How To Put Your Accountant’s Superpowers to Work

Jake Randall

Your tax preparer has a superpower. His brain is supercharged with countless ways to save you money on your taxes.

But… the tax preparer doesn’t use his superpower much.

You see, most tax preparers are conservative. They avoid risks at all costs and don’t like to draw attention to themselves. 

Generally speaking, your accountant will only file deductions that you bring to their attention – resulting in missed deductions that you are legally entitled to take.

Now before you get all fired up and place the blame on your accountant, lets look at the real problem.

The real issue is that most of us believe that our “tax guy” has the time and the energy to look out for us.  Somewhere along the way we were taught to believe that our tax “guy” (or “gal”) was like a blood hound hot on the trail for every tax deduction possible.

This belief is dangerous.  We end up relying to much on our accountant.  They have hundreds of clients and very little time.  They can’t afford to spend time looking for deductions that are not obvious.

I should mention that many accountants do provide this valuable service during the slow months for an added fee.  But most clients are not willing to pay the hourly rates for their extra time. 

So what is the answer?  How do you make sure you are not missing deductions?  The answer is – you need to become the superhero and make your accountant your sidekick.

That is why we developed Taxbot University – An online class tailored to help self-employed people quickly learn about ways they can lower their business taxes.

Then, armed  with new ideas, you can be ready to guide the discussion with your accountant.  This is the easiest way to make sure you don’t miss out.

After going through Taxbot University you will be able to harness your accountants knowledge.  You can channel their tax saving superpowers into your business and save a ton of money.  The average course graduate reported saving over $10,000 in taxes the following year.

Since it is tax season, we are doing a special sale this month to our customers for this course. Get a special, limited time offer for Taxbot Midas. If after 60 days you don’t feel like you learned enough to save you $1,000 on your taxes next year call for a refund. 

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